Even more additions to the World Rankings sheet.


Even more stats for the same great price!  Now you can see the score earned by each player in every round, as well as their average score per round played.  Amazing!


Additions to the World Rankings sheet.


I have added a couple of features to the world rankings sheet.  First, I have added the "GP" statistic, which is simply a tally of the total number of games played by that player.  In the case of a tie between two players, number of games played will break the tie.  Although it is counterintuitive, the player with the higher number of games played will be ranked higher.  Although this means that said player has a lower average score, there is something to be said for participation.  Next to that is the medal count, which shows the number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes that each player has.  These stats do not have any bearing on the rankings.


New addition to the FAQ.


InsaneDavid has written up a very helpful FAQ for MAME newbies.  It's is something of a beginners guide to MAME.  Click on the "FAQ" link to the left to check it out, or click here.


The second tournament is underway!


Click here to check it out.


Sign up for the All-SHMUPs Tournament!


Click here to sign up for the next tournament.  You do not have to be a current member of the league in order to play.  It will be an all SHMUPs tournament.


The second round of the Buffalo Open is underway. 


Click here to see this round's game.


The first round is over!!!


We have come to the end of the first round.  The scores have been posted, and can be viewed by clicking "Current" and then clicking on "Round 1".  Rankings will be updated tonight.  As an FYI, I am removing the ROM link as soon as each round is over.  I am not in the business of hosting ROMS, and I don't want to get into trouble.  Also, the due times have been changed to 11:59 PM PDT instead of EDT.


Time Confusion


There was some confusion about the due date/time of the scores due to a mistake on my part.  The first round's scores are due on Monday night before midnight EDT.  The schedule page has been corrected.


Still under construction...


Please be patient while this site is still being built.  The schedule and FAQ are both up, so play with those until something better gets posted.


Inaugural Tournament of the 2006 Season!!


    This year's inaugural tournament, the Stanley Steemer Buffalo Open will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Buffalo, in Buffalo, NY.  The competition will begin on Friday, March 31st, and end on Wednesday, April 19th.  Sign-ups for this first tournament have already ended.  The prizes for the SSBO are as follows:


1st Place: 5000 meseta

2nd Place: 2500 meseta

3rd Place: 1000 meseta


A special thanks to Mr. Tom Jones, who has agreed to sing the national anthem at the opening ceremonies.  The Canadian national anthem will be sung by, as always, Bryan Adams.